"let us run with endurance the race set before us" Hebrews 12:1


Starting Blocks Academy believes a preschool education is a series of new beginnings and challenges that can bring purpose and successful outcomes that will last a life time. In order to provide opportunities for each child with a high quality preschool experience, Starting Blocks Academy will:

  1. Teach preschool children in concrete ways through hands-on experiences that allows for reflection and reasoning.
  2. Teach preschool children to apply their learning to real-world problems.
  3. Teach preschool children Biblical truths that will drive academic understanding and successful Christian living.
  4. Teach preschool children to care about people other than themselves and to think about the effects of their actions both in the present and in the future.
  5. Teach students to use their knowledge to promote values, such as sincerity, love of God and Jesus, integrity, respect, honesty, compassion, etc.